Although my work concentrates on abstraction, the ideas behind my earlier collections have been observational until my collections of Rain and Light – these works inspired by Christianity concentrate on making something which is invisible appear as a tangible coherent subject; my current work entitled Rain is a collection of paintings and sculptures along the theme of water. These works have a strong spiritual dimension; explorative and ethereal trying to bring the unseen into the seen through conveying non-visual elements into a series of three dimensional objects. These visual objects are abstract pieces made in traditional materials – this fusion of old and contemporary is central to my working where this concentration of illustrating something invisible into a tangible reality is the focus of my work.

The emphasis in my current work on water and light, focuses on the movement of these two elements across surfaces, usually reflective, in either oil paint on canvas or a variety of patinas on bronze. The sculptures concentrate on aspects of water either through the appearance of the surface of the form which is originally worked in plaster, or through the water drop form of the overall composition. How reflective, smooth or textured a surface is has the ability to affect the message of a piece. Speaking a message through visual objects is the central ethos of my work and I am looking to create much larger paintings to link with the sculptures to continue this series of abstract works that communicate a message.