New Works

             Over these past two months of January and February I have been working on two new sculpture collections EROSION and LIGHT.  These comprise a number of stone sculptures carved in Alabaster, Talc stone and Polyphant stone.  In the Erosion sculptures part of the stone is left untouched to contrast with the smooth and polished areas of the sculpture.  In the Light collection the alabaster is carved thinly in areas to allow the light to shine through.  These collections are inspired by church interiors – weathered stone architecture and stained glass windows.  

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Latest News!

Selected for the Tabernacle Art Competition at the Museum of Modern Art, Wales in July.  Received a Highly Commended for the painting “Well of the World’s End”  from my series entitled “Waters”.  The theme this year is Legend.  Show on until the end of August 2017. Shortlisted for NOA Competition 2017 – you can vote for my abstract Water paintings by clicking on the links below, thank you!

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Work ethos

Although my work concentrates on abstraction, the ideas behind my earlier collections have been observational until my collections of Rain and Light – these works inspired by Christianity concentrate on making something which is invisible appear as a tangible coherent subject; my current work entitled Rain is a collection of paintings and sculptures along the theme of water. These works have a strong spiritual dimension; explorative and ethereal trying to bring the unseen into the seen through conveying non-visual elements into a series of three dimensional objects. These visual objects are abstract pieces made in traditional materials – this fusion …

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